Endream is personal sleep trainer in the form of a nice bedside alarm clock. It knows and takes care of all you need to get decent sleep. Your bedroom conditions, your habits, your emotions. Your very own personal trainer can command your smart home devices and help you to learn new healthy ways. It's also a music player, bringing all your Spotify favourites to bedroom!


Your body and the Sun have a strong bond. It is the light that signals when to fall asleep and when to prepare for a new day. To be ready for deep rest, your body needs to get melatonin production running, which only happens when you are not exposed to bright light. And nothing is more natural arouser than sunrise in your bedroom. Certain temperature and moisture levels are important, too. Endream controls what happens in your home so your body can just get the best sleep possible.


Main psychological factors for sleep deprivation are stress and insufficient control over one's emotions. They cause bad sleep, bad sleep causes stress and moodyness. Which again causes insomnia. To break that vicious cycle one needs to calm down the mind. Endream knows how to do that. There is something for every taste - mindfulness meditations, carefully selected nature sounds, isochronic soundtracks, your Spotify mantra playlists, you name it...


In order to improve our sleep we need to create new, healthier habits. Some resistance is often met when we try to improve our ways. There is little rebel inside each one of us that tries to sabotage our steps towards more satisfying life. The clever coach inside Endream knows how to win this battle. Consistent gentle reminding and feedback by alarm clock and companion app are there to ensure the best possible results for creating long lasting healthy habits. And it is there to catch you, should you happen to fall.

Our Story

Our Story

We know these groggy mornings. And those restless nights. It started from our own needs to hack the sleep. We started reading studies and realized there is an epidemic of sleep deprivation in modern world. 10% of the people in western countries have a chronic sleep deprivation, 20% just sleep bad a few times per week. It is growing together with a smartphone usage, led lights we use and information overload in the chaotic world around us. Sleep is thoroughly studied in last decades. However the knowledge about sleep hygiene is not widespread. It is also a complex subject, it takes only one factor out of many to go wrong to ruin your rest. So we started experimenting and learned it is helpful to have an assistant that takes care of your bedroom conditions, gently reminds you your promises to yourself, and let's you quickly fall asleep with sweetest sounds. All the needed wisdom fits easily inside this nice bedside clock that keeps an eye and ear on you in bedroom, and companion app that is with you outside of your sleeping area. We started on 2017 and had first prototype for '17 Christmas. Lots of test rounds later we are now pretty close to what it could be and looking forward to start more wide public tests soon.


Stay updated! We'll contact you when we have great news about our progress, so you will be the first one who can get smart sleep trainer.